Drugs & Alcohol Policy

This Policy applies to Oak Specialist Services Limited and INCLUDES, Oak Fire Protection and Oak Facades


Oak Specialist Services Limited is committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure environment for all those who may be affected by its operations and activities. It recognises the inherent risks associated with illegal drug use, legal drug misuse and alcohol abuse. This Policy is designed to eliminate these risks from workplaces and their surrounding environments.

Aims and Basic Requirements

This Policy applies to all direct employees of Oak Specialist Services, agency and sub-contract employees whilst at their workplace and visitors to company premises or workplaces. All persons present at any Oak Specialist Services workplace must always be in a fit state to carry out their duties when at work. They must not possess, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or other impairing substances. Anyone taking prescribed drugs must consult their doctor on the risk of the drug affecting their fitness to work before reporting for duty. Where a risk is identified, they must report this to their supervisor before commencement of work and a risk assessment must be carried out.

Sub-contractors and Visitors

It will be a condition of contract with sub-contractor and agency firms that this Policy applies to anyone they send to work at a Galliford Try workplace. Any person found in breach of any of its requirements will be permanently excluded from all Galliford Try workplaces. Visitors to Oak Dry Lining workplaces should be notified of the requirements of this Policy.

Requests for Help

Oak Specialist Services will treat any requests for assistance from any employee of Oak Specialist Services who volunteers the information that they have a drink or drug related problem sympathetically. A request of this nature will not be accepted subsequent to, or immediately prior, to testing for alcohol and drugs. During any programme of treatment, the individual may remain subject to the requirement of this Policy whilst at work.


Oak Specialist Services will appoint a testing company to carry out random testing for alcohol and drugs in line with a target set by the Executive Board annually. Testing may also be carried out on reasonable suspicion or following an accident or incident where deemed appropriate. Substances referred to as ‘legal highs’ are also covered under this Policy.


The disciplinary process will be adopted for direct employees as outlined in the Oak Specialist Services Drug and Alcohol Standard where an individual:

•Is removed from a workplace due to impairment or suspicion of impairment caused by substance abuse, drugs or alcohol consumption.

•Tests positive for illegal drugs.

•Is found to have a breathalyser reading exceeding the local drink drive limit.

•Refuses to undertake a screening test for alcohol or drugs; or

•is found in possession of, or supplying, illegal drugs in any company workplace.

Projects being undertaken under the Transport and Works Act have a lower alcohol limit. Where there is a client or local company requirement to work under another stricter policy, employees will be notified of any additional requirements to ensure conformance to that policy. The Company will not accept any departure from these rules and will take the appropriate disciplinary action in the event of any infringement.

Signed for and on behalf of Oak Specialist Services Limited:

Chris VladarManaging Director

Oak Specialist Services Limited – January 2023

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